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Australian-made Brazilian cheese bread

Cheesebuddy brings the magic of Brazilian cheese bread to your place . Our flavour-packed gluten-free cheese bread is made in Australia following an authentic recipe. We bake with love , using only the finest ingredients and nothing artificial. Whether you’re catering for a crowd, craving a guilt-free snack, or looking for a carb that’s anything but bland, Cheesebuddy is the perfect partner for whatever you’re cooking up .

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Discover the benefits of pão de queijo

Brazil’s beloved snack isn’t just a treat for your tastebuds.

Pão de queijo or “Brazilian cheese bread” is packed with goodness. It’s crunchy, fluffy, convenient, cheesy and naturally gluten-free. It’s no wonder you’ll find Brasileiros eating pão de queijo as street food, on special occasions and at snack time. Cheesebuddy gluten-free cheese bread brings all that authentic goodness to your freezer. Your new favourite grocery staple is Australian-made, with real cheese and fresh ingredients.


Authentic Brazilian cheese bread recipes with an Aussie twist.

Brazilian cheese bread is a well-travelled icon. Our recipes capture the rich history and diversity of South America’s favourite gluten-free cheese bread with a product range covering the classics, new taste combinations and spicy surprises. Each batch is baked with pride and quality ingredients, ensuring a delightful experience in every bite. You’ll find a Cheesebuddy flavour for every meal.

Cheesebuddy brings new twists to a 400-year-old history

Our story starts in 1700s Brazil, where pão de queijo originated. The irresistible snack quickly became a staple at special events and in family homes. Fast forward four centuries, and Brazilian cheese bread has landed in Australia with Cheesebuddy.

Let our traditional recipes transport your tastebuds.

Pão de queijo, translated literally as “cheese bread”, has been part of Brazilian life and culture for over 400 years. Traditional recipes call for cassava flour (aka tapioca), grated cheese, oil, milk and eggs – and not much else.

We use these same simple ingredients to make Cheesebuddy gluten-free cheese bread. Our pão de queijo is fluffy and flavourful, with a satisfyingly cheesy crunch. Following the family recipes we brought from Brazil, we’re cooking up a range of versatile, wholesome and delicious products. You can use them to replace bland carbs in all kinds of tasty dishes, or pop them in the oven for a quick and satisfying snack.

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