Gluten-Free Party Food Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Jun 14, 2024

Cheesebuddy’s pão de queijo

Pão de queijo has been a staple of every gathering in Brazil for centuries. Something about the crispy, cheesy, puffy and flavourful bites brings people together naturally.

We’re transporting those vibes to Australia with gluten-free party food that’s packed with flavour and super simple to prepare.

Whether you’re hosting a swanky garden soirée or catching up with friends for a picnic, there are loads of creative ways to use Cheesebuddy. They all come together in under an hour for stress-free party snacks that appeal to every taste.

Our gluten-free party food ideas

Cheesebuddy Bruschetta

Cheesebuddy Bruschetta is a delightful twist on a classic appetiser.

Cheesebuddy Cheese & Garlic is the base of this gluten-free party food, topped with a fresh and zesty bruschetta mix.

This recipe travels well, making it perfect for picnics in the park.

Prepare your bruschetta mixture and bake your Brazilian cheese bread at home, then assemble the bruschetta bites when you arrive.

Finish with a drizzle of balsamic glaze and buon appetito.

Cheesebuddy Sliders

Replace traditional slider buns with Cheesebuddy Brazilian cheese bread to make three-bite burgers that kick so many goals.

They’re a shareable, snackable, gluten-free party food perfect for game day and backyard barbecues. Try them with the classic Parmesan & Cheddar Cheesebuddy, or add a kick by using Chilli Cheesebuddy as the slider base.

Bookmark our Cheesebuddy Sliders recipe for the next time you plan to host a hungry crowd at your place.

Cheesebuddy dip platter

Cheesebuddy’s crispy exterior and soft, cheesy interior make it perfect for a dip platter.

Ditch the chips and serve Cheesebuddy with your favourite store-bought dip for an easy gluten-free party food, or take it up a level and create your own condiment.

Pão de queijo puffs up as it bakes, creating air pockets that pack more dip into every bite. Plus, the three Cheesebuddy flavours give you more options for pairing with every flavour profile.

Cheesebuddy Sandwiches

Take a cue from our Cheesebuddy Sandwiches recipe and create a variety of bite-sized delights that use gluten-free cheese bread as the base.

Mix and match fillings like:

  • Ham and seedy mustard
  • Chicken and avocado
  • Vegemite, cheese and tomato
  • Cucumber and cream cheese

Cheesebuddy sandwiches come together in half an hour. Simply pop a pack of Cheesebuddy gluten-free cheese bread in the oven and assemble your fillings as they bake.

Gluten-free dessert table

Cheesebuddy isn’t just for savoury snacks.

The subtle flavour of tapioca flour pairs perfectly with a variety of sweet spreads. Try them with jam, cream cheese, cut-up strawberries or even a decadent chocolate spread.

We can’t promise that these gluten-free party favourites will last until the end of the event, but at least you’ll take home a clean plate.

Cheesebuddy charcuterie board

Let’s face it: bread and bland crackers have no place on a party platter.

Elevate your charcuterie board by replacing boring carbs with gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread.

Your favourite Cheesebuddy is the perfect accompaniment to deli meats, cheeses, fruits and other charcuterie staples.

How to make Cheesebuddy ahead of time

Our authentic pão de queijo recipe travelled all the way from Brazil to Australia. A little road trip to your next party is no sweat.

If the party venue has an oven, you can:

  • Keep your pão de queijo frozen and pop it in the oven when you arrive, or
  • Partially bake for 20 minutes at home and finish up when you get there

If that’s not going to work, we recommend transferring your baked Cheesebuddy bites from the oven to a linen bread bag to keep them moist and fluffy.

Planning your next party?

Cheesebuddy gluten-free cheese bread is a party favourite that pairs perfectly with savoury and sweet treats.

Next time you’re in the freezer section of your local supermarket, pick up a packet so you’re prepared for the big event.

We’d love to see what you create

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