Where to Buy Cheesebuddy Brazilian Cheese Bread

Where to buy Brazilian cheese bread

Keen to get your hands on Cheesebuddy Brazilian cheese bread? Maybe you tried pão de queijo at a party and now you’re craving more. Or you’re bored of bland carbs and want a tastier gluten-free option. Maybe you’re just feeling snacky – we get it!

Well, amigos e amigas, we’ve got good news. Cheesebuddy is available at hundreds of grocery stores across Australia, including Coles, Woolworths, Costco, IGA and more. Look for our signature packaging in the freezer section.

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Cheesebuddy Brazilian cheese bread works as a side, snack, or the star of the meal. Pop a pack in your shopping cart to discover all the possibilities. Head to our Recipes section for inspiration or let your creativity loose in the kitchen. Just a tip: get the big bag. Brazilian cheese bread has a habit of disappearing fast!

Looking to buy Brazilian cheese bread in larger quantities?

You can buy our Brazilian cheese bread in two freezer-friendly sizes. If you’re catering for a large crowd or want to use Cheesebuddy in your restaurant, visit our Distributor page to inquire about wholesale quantities.

We’re always busy baking

As a family company, we’re humbled to see Cheesebuddy become a freezer staple across Australia. Hearing how much you love our authentic recipes warms our souls almost as much as fresh pão de queijo. To say thanks and give you more ways to enjoy Brazilian cheese bread, we’re working on new products. As always, they’ll be made with real ingredients and baked with pride in Australia. Keep an eye on our Instagram for news and announcements.