Our story

Cheesebuddy is a small family business in Perth with a story stretching back to the sun-drenched farms of 18th-century Brazil.

Every time you chomp on Cheesebuddy, you’re savouring centuries of history. Pão de queijo, also known as Brazilian cheese bread, has been treasured by Brazilians at home and abroad for 400 years.

Pop a batch in the oven. While they puff up and get crispy, let’s dip into pão de queijo’s history.

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Pão de queijo: History baked in Brazil

Pão de queijo first popped up in Brazil in the 1700s. Farm workers would roll leftover manioc (tapioca) starch into small balls and bake them. Over time, as agriculture prospered, they added milk and cheese to the recipe, creating the irresistible “Brazilian cheese bread” you know and love today.

Fluffy inside, crispy outside, naturally gluten-free and deliciously dippable, pão de queijo quickly became a cultural phenomenon. If you travel to Brazil, you will see pão de queijo’s history celebrated at special events and everyday gatherings alike. Its ability to bring people together and lift their spirits has made it a staple of Brazilian life.

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Passion and tradition in every bite

We emigrated to Australia with wide eyes, heavy suitcases and hearts full of saudade (a beautiful Portuguese word meaning a nostalgic longing). When we missed home, we would warm our souls by baking pão de queijo. Those warm, cheesy puffs of goodness are the taste of Brazil. The taste of home.

Soon, we began bringing batches to the local IGA where we both worked. By sharing them with friends and strangers, we were sharing the joy of Brazil. So it’s no surprise that the response was incredible. People loved it!

Encouraged by the enthusiasm, we decided to take the leap. Cheesebuddy was born in August 2009. Since then, we’ve been humbled to see Australians everywhere embrace the culture and flavour of our home country. As a family-owned business (and as Brazilians who call Australia home), we’re thrilled to continue pão de queijo’s history with Cheesebuddy products.

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Gluten-free, guilt-free and deliciously real

Traditional Brazilian cheese bread recipes like the ones we carried in our suitcases only use a few ingredients: tapioca starch, milk, eggs, cheese and oil. With a little magic in the mixing, you get a delightful snack that’s crunchy outside, puffy inside, naturally gluten-free and satisfyingly cheesy.

We’ve added a few fun twists, but you’ll never find artificial flavours, preservatives or colours in Cheesebuddy products.

Our commitment to quality

We make and package all our pão de queijo creations in our state-of-the-art factory in Western Australia. We’re proudly SQF and HACCP certified, ensuring our production lines meet the highest Australian food safety standards.

Our goal is to continuously improve our processes and exceed customer satisfaction, producing a healthy product that benefits both people and the planet, one delicious bite at a time.

Which reminds us – your pão de queijo is probably ready to eat by now!

Join the Cheesebuddy story

We invite you to join us on our journey as we share the delightful taste and rich history of pão de queijo with Australia. Whether you’re enjoying a quick snack, celebrating a special occasion or feeding a hungry crowd, Cheesebuddy cheese breads are the perfect addition to your table.

Obrigado for being a part of our story and helping us spread the joy of Brazilian cheese bread.

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