Gluten-Free Snacks for Kids

Jun 14, 2024

Finding tasty and healthy gluten-free options that kids actually like is a challenge.

Cheesebuddy is a lifesaver for parents looking for gluten-free snacks, meals and party platters.

These bite-sized balls of goodness provide a satisfying and wholesome option to keep your little ones energised throughout the day.

Wait – is Brazilian cheese bread gluten-free?

Authentic pão de queijo or “Brazilian cheese bread ” is made with tapioca flour, which is naturally gluten-free.

Our products are Coeliac Australia-approved, so you can feel confident serving Cheesebuddy to kids with coeliac disease or gluten intolerances.

Some low-quality imitations aren’t 100% gluten-free. Traditional tapioca flour is harder to find in Australia, which is why you should stick to a trusted brand like Cheesebuddy.

As well as being gluten-free, our Brazilian cheese bread contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Now, let’s get to the snacks.

Gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread snacks for kids

A warm, fluffy, crispy Cheesebuddy straight from the oven is a delicious option in itself. It’s an easy after-school option to keep your kids fuelled for the afternoon.

If you’re feeling creative or feeding a crowd, there are loads of ways to incorporate Cheesebuddy into fun, kid-friendly snacks.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Cheesebuddy Sandwiches

Because Brazilian cheese bread is gluten-free, you can simply switch out sandwich bread for Cheesebuddy .

You can sneak in all kinds of healthy fillings, create a diverse party platter, or add your kids’ favourites for an easy school lunchbox option.

Even the fussiest eaters will love the crispy, flavourful bites.

Cheesebuddy Sliders

Warm, cheesy, filling and flavourful, our recipe for Cheesebuddy Sliders is a certified crowd-pleaser.

These mini burgers use gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread in place of slider buns. You can also substitute lentils or soy protein to create a veggie-friendly option.

They’re great for birthday parties, weeknight dinners and guilt-free weekend feasts.

Sweet meets savoury

Our classic Cheesebuddy bites are a surprisingly perfect base for sweet toppings.

Serve them up with jam or cream cheese for an after-school sweet treat. As our gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread puffs up in the oven, it creates air pockets that capture all the gooey goodness.

You can also try cream and jam for a classic afternoon tea, or chocolate spread and chopped strawberries for a decadent dessert.

Why you’ll want to keep Cheesebuddy in your freezer

Versatile, healthy, convenient and naturally gluten-free, Brazilian cheese bread is a perfect freezer staple.

Our authentic recipes use tapioca flour and real cheese for a nutritious snack you can feel good about serving. Plus, the cheesy crunch and satisfyingly puffy texture make them a hit with kids and adults alike.

Keeping a stash in your freezer means you always have a quick and easy snack or meal option on hand.

Where to find gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread

If you stick with a trusted name like Cheesebuddy, you never need to ask, “Is Brazilian cheese bread gluten-free?” because the answer is always yes.

You’ll find Cheesebuddy in the freezer section of your local supermarket, including Coles, Woolworths, IGA and more.

All our products are Coeliac Australia-approved, made with at least 70% Australian ingredients, and contain nothing artificial.

Pick up a pack today so you always have a go-to gluten-free option for snacking, sandwiches or sweet treats.

Need inspiration for gluten-free kids’ snacks?

Our Recipe section has loads of easy gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread recipes. You can also follow us on Instagram @cheesebuddy_au for more tips and treats.