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About Us

Cheesebuddy is a new and delicious gluten free cheese bread inspired from a traditional Brazilian recipe. Now in Australia made with love for you.

The history of Pao de Queijo

The history of Pao de Queijo begins over 400 years ago in the rich farmlands of the newly discovered Brazil. Pao de Queijo is literally translated from Portuguese as cheese bread. It is said that In the early 17th century, farm hands in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais began producing manioc (tapioca) starch for farmland owners. The manioc root was first harvested, peeled, finely grated and soaked in large wooden bowls filled with water. It was then washed, drained and spread across the floor to dry outdoors.

Rather than waste any excess, the workers would collect all the leftover unused white manioc starch from the bottom of the bowls and roll it into small balls which were then baked. Ingredients were in limited supply so the balls were only ever baked with leftover starch, with nothing else added. Over the next 200 years as agriculture started to prosper, workers started to experiment by adding milk and cheese to the recipe.

The result was a snack food that was so irresistible that it quickly spread throughout the country, generating a cultural phenomenon that has evolved for centuries around Pao de Queijo. Brazilian everyday life has become ingrained with the legend of Pao de Queijo, ever-present at special events and gatherings. With a history of bringing people together and lifting their spirits during lunch, dinner or whenever hunger strikes, Pao de Queijo is something that has to be tried to be believed!

Welcome To Cheesebuddy

Cheesebuddy Food Supply, a small family business, was established in August 2009 with the idea to bring the Brazil’s favourite food “Pao de Queijo” to the Aussie Land.

Our factory is located in Malaga, Western Australia, fully equipped with modern machineries. We are also HACCP certified, which makes our production lines complying with the top food safety system in Australia.

Our top quality ingredients combined with our home made and unique recipe makes our “Pao de Queijo” deliciously rich in flavour and extremely versatile.

We believe that by continuously improving our processes and by being committed to exceed our clientele satisfaction, we will reach our main goals, moreover helping our planet and benefiting our society as a whole.